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What are aromatherapy shower steamers and how do you use them ?

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What are shower steamers and how do you use them ?

Until recently you’d never heard of shower steamers, right?  Well, shower steamers might be the new kids on the block but they’re making quite an impact.    Essentially they are  like bath bombs but for a shower - tablets that fizz when exposed to steam or water, releasing their scent into the air.

Aromatherapy shower steamers are even more special and can turn an every day shower into a luxury spa experience.   They are made with essential oils, which have the added bonus of providing their therapeutic effect.  Depending which oils are used they can promote relaxation, reduce stress, boost energy, improve mood and more. 


So, how do you use them?

Shower Steamers are really simple to use and can turn an every-day shower into a spa experience in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Turn on your shower and allow the hot water to come through.

Step 2 - Place one tablet on the floor of your shower, away from the direct stream of water.  The idea is to get the shower steamer damp enough to start fizzing but not so wet that it dissolves immediately.  As the steam and water hit the tablet it will begin to fizz and release the scent of essential oils into the air, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

Step 3 – Breathe deeply, allowing the aromatherapy benefits to take effect.  Don’t rush through your shower but instead take the time to relax, breathe deeply and let go of any stress or tension.


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What kind of aromatherapy shower steamer is best for you?

If you shower before work – you’ll want to feel energised and ready to start your day.  Try zingy, citrus scents such as lemon or peppermint found in our Refresh Shower Steamer or our Kick Start Shower Steamer

If you shower before going to bed – you’ll want to feel relaxed and ready for sleep.  Try calming scents such as lavender found in our Relax Shower Steamer

If you have a cold – you’ll want to breathe more easily.  Try decongestant camphorous scents such as eucalyptus found in our new Kick Start Shower Steamer

If you’re feeling stressed – you’ll want to unwind and relax.  Try calming scents such as Jasmine found in our De-Stress Shower Steamer


Why should you use them?

As we’ve discovered, shower steamers are a great option if you want to enhance your shower experience.

Aromatherapy benefits – essential oils used in shower steamers can have therapeutic benefits such as promoting relaxation, reducing stress, boosting energy, improving mood and more.

Convenience – shower steamers are used in a regular shower, which is quicker and easier than having a bath.

Easy to use – shower steamers are easy to use and require no special preparation or clean up.  Simply place the steamer on the floor of your shower and enjoy

Spa-like experience – using shower steamers can create a relaxing and indulgent experience in your own bathroom, making it feel like you’re at a luxury 5-star spa.


 aromatherapy shower steamers with gift box Lovely Soap Co

So, as you can see, aromatherapy shower steamers are a great way to enhance your daily routine and are a great alternative to traditional bath bombs for those who prefer showers over baths.  They also make great gifts for friends and family.

Our full range of shower steamers and gifts for shower lovers is available here.

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