What's so great about our Shower Pamper Set?

shower pamper set best selling aromatherapy shower lovers gift Lovely Soap Co

Shower : a spray of water used to wash oneself

This sounds quite mundane and is something most of us do on a regular basis just as a way of freshening up and getting clean.  But a shower can be so much more that 'just' a shower.  With the right products, it can be a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

At Lovely Soap Co we're all about pampering so we thought it would be fun to take a closer look at some of our best selling products and share with you why we (and our customers!) love them so much.  So, second in our 'meet the product' series is the personalised Shower Pamper set ...

shower lovers pamper gift Lovely Soap Co

What is the Shower Pamper Set?

Our Shower Pamper Set is the first gift set we’ve designed specially for shower lovers.  It contains a handmade soap on a rope and two aromatherapy shower steamers boxed in one of our luxury snap shut gift boxes.  As with all our gift sets it can be personalised with a gift message which is great, especially if you want to have it sent directly to the recipient.

Where did the idea/inspiration come from?

We recognise that not everybody has a bath (or wants to bath) and we felt these people were missing out on the sense of wellbeing a ‘spa experience’ can bring.  We wanted to provide a luxurious pamper gift for those who prefer a shower so they could experience a sense of indulgence too.

When did you first design it?

We introduced the Shower Pamper Set in the summer of 2022 and it quickly became a favourite with our customers.

What is it made from?

As with all our products, it’s made using high quality natural plant based ingredients, pure aromatherapy grade essential oils and botanicals.  Our stylish gift boxes add an elegant touch and can be re-used or recycled.

shower set best selling shower gift Lovely Soap Co

Are there any special processes or skills required to make your shower Soap on a Rope?

We handmake all our soaps from scratch using a traditional method known as cold process.  This means that all the natural glycerine is retained in the finished bar so it is moisturising and kind to skin unlike the detergent beauty bars you typically find in the supermarket.

shower soap on a rope for men Lovely Soap Co

Why do people buy this Shower Set?

It’s predominantly bought as a gift and, as it comes in a range of scents, it can be enjoyed by men or women.

What problem does it solve for your customer? 

The Shower Pamper Set is a great, affordable gift option that's a little bit different to most pamper sets, appealing to both men and women.  It’s a fairly common notion that men can be tricky to buy for and this gift set is a great option that solves this problem. 

What do your customers say about it?

Here's just a few of the lovely comments we've received -

“Sent as a thank you gift, and was very well received.  Excellent quality.  Thank you”

“Bought as a gift, so I did not see the item, but my granddaughter was very pleased with her present."

shower lovers pamper gift Lovely Soap Co



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