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  1. whipped shea butter handcream recipe Lovely Soap Co

    In recent weeks our hands have been the focus of much attention as we search for santitizer, perfect our hand-washing routines and do all that we can to stay safe and healthy.  Whilst this is absolutely the right thing to do, the down side of our vigilance has sometimes been dry, sore or chapped hands in need of some attention.

    That’s where my homemade shea butter handcream recipe comes in; a few simple steps to create a beautiful shea butter cream with a lightly whipped consistency. 


    pampering at home craft kits

    Whether you’re teaching the kids, working from home or fighting on the front line, everyone is doing their part in the worldwide fight against Coronavirus. It’s a tough time but we need to keep going to see it through.

    For the forseeable future life looks very different and that means taking better care of each other and ourselves. That’s why we’ve been focusing on pamper ideas at home here at Lovely Soap Co. and have created some special bathtime craft kits to give you, or someone you love, a little rest and relaxation.