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  1. birthday pamper gifts

    It might seem like the entire world has turned upside down in 2020 but here’s one thing that hasn’t changed; we’re all still having birthdays!

    Of course, celebrating your birthday during a global pandemic might not be what you planned but it can still be relaxing and fun and we’ve got plenty of birthday pamper gifts to make that happen.

    Here’s how to pamper and celebrate, even if you’re still far apart.

  2. whipped shea butter handcream recipe Lovely Soap Co

    In recent weeks our hands have been the focus of much attention as we search for santitizer, perfect our hand-washing routines and do all that we can to stay safe and healthy.  Whilst this is absolutely the right thing to do, the down side of our vigilance has sometimes been dry, sore or chapped hands in need of some attention.

    That’s where my homemade shea butter handcream recipe comes in; a few simple steps to create a beautiful shea butter cream with a lightly whipped consistency.